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Student Blogging Challenge

Student Blogging Challenge
Ten People I Would Like To Meet

I really have no idea on who I would meet.  Well the number one person would probably be Abraham Lincoln.  He is one of the best presidents of the United States.  Abe is known for his honesty and bravery while being our leader.  He stopped slavery in our country many years ago.  I would ask him: How he would've helped our country out even more if he didn't get shot?

The next person would be Matt Smith.  He is a British actor for my favorite television show, Doctor Who.  He is the 11th Doctor in the show.  I believe that he is the best Doctor in this time traveling, non logical, unrealistically awesome show since it all began in 1963.  I would ask him: How exciting it is to play the Doctor and go on adventures in the show?

I would also like to meet Alex Kingston.  She is the actress who plays River Song the Doctor's wife and murderer.  She is actually my favorite character in Doctor Who.  She is extremely funny even when she is flirting and trying to kill the Doctor.  My favorite line she says, in almost every episode she is in, is "Hello Sweetie".  She is the character that confuses me the most.  If I could ask her a question it would be: How did you feel the way they played out your role in series six of the show?

The fourth person I would like to meet is Karen Gillan.  She plays as one of the Doctor's companions, Amy Pond, in Doctor Who.  In the show, she is known as the girl who waited.  She is the character seen the most in Doctor Who, besides the Doctor.  The question I would ask her is: When learned what would happen to your character in series six what did do think of it?

Lets just say that I would love to meet all the main cast of Doctor Who.  I say that because I would also like to meet Arthur Darvil.  He is Amy's husband in Doctor Who.  Rory Williams is his characters name.  I do not know how many episodes he was in.  I would ask him: How did you feel about being a warrior type in the show?

I would also like to meet Adolf Hitler.  I wouldn't want to meet him for the fact that he was bad and I'm bad cause I am not.  I only want to meet him to ask what he would have done to help the world.  He could have been a good person if he didn't kill all of those Jews.  He chose a wrong path.

I perhaps would like to meet Arika Toriyama.  He is the creator of my favorite show, Dragon Ball Z.  He may or may not be dead because no matter what research I do it always has different answers.  I would probably give a story of mine to read, when I am done,so he can decide whether or not to make it into a movie.  If I could I'd ask him how he would continue the series to add more fans.

If I met the voice artist of my favorite Dragon Ball Z character, Vegeta, Chris Sabat.   I would probably try to ask him to read my story in Vegeta's voice.  If he can't do that then I would ask him why he chose to be the shows main antagonist.  Since he is the original voice artist then he do anything for his voice.

I would also like to meet our countries founding father and first president George Washington.  He helped our country during the revolutionary war.  He was our first leader so he is nearly the best.  He helped our new country get through a hard time.  I would ask him what he would do to help our country now.

The final person I would want to meet is Masako Nozawa.  He is the voice artist for the main character, Goku, in Dragon Ball Z.  I would probably ask him what his favorite thing to say is while doing Goku's voice.  He is in the entire series making him the best one.  He may be the second best voice artist I like.